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Website Design – What To Expect

1. Your Request


You send in a request for a site. This may be a phone conversation or by email. We will look at what you want and propose a way to get it done, with an estimate of how much it will cost. We want to make sure we can deliver an awesome product, so if we don’t think we are the right agency for you, we will let you know.

2. Waiting in Line

First, we get the legal stuff out of the way. We will send you a project agreement and need a 25% deposit to hold your place in line. We typically have a 1 to 2 month wait for new sites, so we appreciate your patience.

3. Ready, Set, Go!


We officially begin! We will have an in depth conversation to talk about your site: its needs, the audience it serves, the kind of content it will have, any special technology, and examples of designs you like. (However, we don’t duplicate the designs of other sites–sorry.) You pay another 25% and we are off! We will let you know what text, images, or other assets we will need.

4. Approval and Implementation


We will have a first draft of the design. It may be a wireframe or other type of mock-up, but typically this will be a draft of the home page.The objective is to give an idea of the look and feel of the site: colors, fonts, and general layout.

At this point we need your honest feedback. You will submit a single document outlining what you think of the design, with any changes you want us to make. As long at the changes fall within the scope of our project, we are happy to make them. However, if something goes beyond it or if you want an entirely new design, we can provide an estimate for the additional work required.

We will then provide a list of any changes we will make. Once you sign off on the list of changes and pay an additional 25%, we will begin turning this design into reality. We will again let you know if we need additional text, images, or other assets.

5. Final Presentation and Install

When we finish with the design, you will have a chance to look it over. There are almost always minor changes. You can again submit a single document to outline any changes you want. We are happy to make them, but know that some will require more time than others.

Simple modifications are included at this stage of development. We don’t want to limit you to your ideas in previous stages. If you change your mind or want more extensive modifications, we are happy to do it and will provide an estimate for the cost.

We will again provide a list of changes we will make. Once you sign off on the list and pay the final 25%, we will install your site.

6. Thirty Day Guarantee

Once your new site goes live, we provide a 30 day period where we will correct any mistakes that are our fault or add something that might have been missed. This does not include adding new features or repairing any problems caused by: user error, server malfunction, or hacking.

You can submit a single document listing minor needs. We schedule these updates as we do for normal small projects. The typical turnaround time is 3 to 5 days. Any urgent problems can be submitted at any time.

Our goal is 100% satisfaction, so we will send a short survey to get your feedback about the site and working with us. We take your opinions very seriously and appreciate your feedback.

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