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If You’re My Friend, Don’t Like My Facebook Page!

Getting all your friends to follow is the biggest mistake you can make when starting to grow a Facebook presence.

“But why, I thought the more people that follow, the better?” NO! Facebook cares about quality, not quantity.

First, you have to understand how content gets spread. Facebook wants to show you things that are popular. So popular things become more popular and boring things don’t get seen. They have a very smart way to do this.

What Happens When You Share?

Let’s say you post a new article. Facebook will show it to your most loyal fans first. If they are interested (measured by clicks, likes, comments, and shares) Facebook will show the post to less loyal fans. If they engage with the post, then even more people will see it, and so on.

So What’s Wrong With Lots Of Likes?

They key to keep in mind is that Facebook will judge your content by the percentage of fans who engage with it!

Your friends may think they are helping you with a “like,” but if they don’t consistently engage with your content, then they will end up hurting you. (And by the way, this is why buying “fake” likes is a very bad idea!)

What To Do?

Build a quality fan base first! Don’t worry about big numbers right away. The key is engaged followers. 100 people that love everything you post is more important than 1,000 followers who don’t engage at all. If you have a highly engaged fan base, then the numbers will follow. Just remember, quality over quantity.